Love Is…



Love Is…


Love is innocent

Love is pure

Love is tough

It can endure


Love is a rock

It stands the test of time

Love is tender

A sweet surrender


Love is honey

Yet it can taste bitter

Love is desire

Sets hearts a twitter


Love is work

May take years to master

A genuine effort

Can unravel this twister


Love is weird

Hard to comprehend

It is a riddle

A never-ending maze


Love is pernicious

Most fall victim

Remedies are simple

A look, a touch, a dimple.

14 thoughts on “Love Is…

  1. Tulika

    100% agree with you on all your thoughts about love……….loved the lines where love has been compared with rock and work!!

  2. jalis

    ooohhh excellent this is from HAA simi mujhe tabhi hi ye padh kar tumse love ho gaya heheheheheheeeeee 😀


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