Inconvenient Relations- Prologue

Inconvenient relations C

Hi friends and readers!

The 2nd edition of my debut novel is almost out with a new name and a new look. Here I’m sharing with you an excerpt along with the first few chapters. I’m sure you’ll want to read more. Do get the book because part 2 is in the works.

My 2nd book titled THE ACCIDENTAL WIFE will be out early 2015. 🙂


Shaan Ahuja found himself bowing to tradition and agreeing to an arranged marriage to the beautiful Ruhi Sharma. He went through the motions but had no intention of carrying through on his vows. His last foray into matters of the heart with an American girl had left him scarred and unwilling to try again. Thoroughly disillusioned and disgruntled he wasted no time in making his intentions clear to Ruhi on their wedding night. But, he was completely unprepared for what his new wife had in mind.

What KIRKUS REVIEWS said about the book: 

Shaan Ahuja and Ruhi Sharma’s arranged marriage has an inauspicious start. Shaan spurns his new wife on their wedding night, still pining over the American lover he left back in Los Angeles. However, the begrudging spouses soon make a pact: Ruhi will stay with Shaan in the United States just long enough to avoid embarrassment. The young bride hopes she can use the time to win Shaan’s heart, and although Ruhi’s beauty and attentiveness do change Shaan’s feelings, his immaturity and inability to express himself—and Ruhi’s lingering mistrust—keep them from reconciling. As they attempt to be “friends without benefits,” they start to reveal their true selves, including her needling puckishness and independent spirit and the reasons for his reserved nature and impulsive jealousy. Their eventual reconciliation comes not from forgiveness but from acceptance and understanding. The novel trades in a certain amount of melodrama that, thanks to its light tone, comes across as indulgent but satisfying. …The novel seems highly aware of its influences, using cultural expectations and delayed gratification in the same spirit, if not with the same deftness, as Jane Austen. Shaan and Ruhi also sometimes mirror the star-crossed lovers from Casablanca (a film that the book directly
references). ..

An often intoxicating, … will-they-or-won’t-they tale.”


Love: A temporary insanity curable by marriage.
—Ambrose Bierce

This tale is an attempt to prove the reverse
or at least give it a chance.


Her heart fluttered when she heard the sound of the key turn in the lock. She quickly adjusted her maroon silk sari with the yellow border, the one that had caught his eye, and waited eagerly for his footsteps.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…Yes, exactly seven steps before he stopped, hesitated for a few moments, then removed his shoes one by one and arranged them neatly side by side on the shoe rack.
She smiled. He had been mindful of taking his shoes off every day now. “I am not used to it, but I will if you want me to. It’s probably a good thing to do anyway.”
He walked into the hall toward his favorite chair; he never sat on the settee beside her.
As he settled down, he would pick up the TV remote and, without looking at her, would say in his smooth baritone, “So how did you spend your day, anything interesting?”
She would shake her head, still looking down, though out of the corner of her eye she liked to steal glances at his feet—they were nice to look at, clean with well-manicured nails—then realizing that he was not looking at her, she would vocalize in the negative.
Her soft “no” would drown easily in the raucous loud blast from the TV game. He probably didn’t hear her; he probably didn’t care.


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  1. adventuregurl567

    so excited for your new novel, Incurable Insanity is a classic, can’t wait until this second of many feathers is placed in your hat

  2. sudha

    super prologue, simi dear!!
    thanks for posting it in ur blog!!
    finally i got the time to catch up with this story!!
    once all my exams get over i will start with all ur works mainly “R&B”


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