It’s here! The cover of my new novel ‘The Accidental Wife’ and A Special Invitation to all my Readers!


Hello, readers!

I have two exciting announcements to share with you! First, the cover for my next novel ‘The Accidental Wife’ is finalized, and it is gorgeous. If you haven’t seen it already, here it is. We’re looking at an early March release date for so stay tuned.

The second announcement is that I’ve set up a group on Facebook for my readers, fans and friends. Please consider joining the group as it will allow me to share news, host events and interact more easily with everyone. To celebrate the release of THE ACCIDENTAL WIFE, I’ll be hosting an Author Chat for this group. It will be a couple of weeks after the release of the book (and after a special offer to pick up INCONVENIENT RELATIONS, my first novel for free)! ¬†The idea is that you’ll have time to read the book and then ask me questions about it, learn more about my culture and offer feedback. Facebook groups are the online equivalent of the office water cooler so stop by and hang out for a while. Here is the link for the group. If you wish to join please put in your request and I’ll add you to the group.



4 thoughts on “It’s here! The cover of my new novel ‘The Accidental Wife’ and A Special Invitation to all my Readers!

  1. aasma Ulhaq

    Can I just say honestly I am realllllly happy for you, from the bottom of my heart, im sooo happy that’s your progressing in your life and getting all the things you wished for, it’s such a big thing for me too cause I’ve known u since the beginning when you where indecisive to continue or not but u stood your ground, and you continued. inshallah you got more achievements like this in your life and every step of the way if you ever need anyone to talk to, im here always…. :****** xxxxxx


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