Writing is my ‘BAD’ habit

Yes, its true. I was never born to be a writer. It just happened that I wrote some stuff that struck the right chord with a few. My writing is ‘pathetic’, ‘sophomoric’ etc. Okay. I’ve got it. There’s a limit to turning a deaf ear or believing in oneself etc. etc. I’m not ‘strong’ nor do I want to be.  (Any thoughts on how I could make the negative remarks go away people? I am a thinking, feeling, human after all! No pun intended!)

So, its final! No more books! Phew! (Wipes brow) Now and Forever will be my last ( if it sees the light of day, I’ve begun to wonder.) Unless… I write something groundbreaking which I doubt will happen 🙁

But to those very few of you who still want to read my inane ramblings I will continue to write and publish here on my blog. You can’t get rid of me that easy! You see writing is my bad habit 😀

I thank all my readers for your love and your hate. Please kindly pause a moment before you throw that next barb. They hurt big time.

5 thoughts on “Writing is my ‘BAD’ habit

  1. Aasma

    awwwww simi your writing is amazing and ofcourse youre book will get published everyone is praying for you dont worry about it and ofcourse would love for you to keep writing and reading it..

  2. Deigh

    I certainly look forward to reading your work. Don’t let the naysayers have power over you. Your readers are out here and devoted to you. Please continue, don’t let us down.

  3. Amrita Talukdar

    Hi Simi,
    I dont know whether you remember me or not. I understand your feelings n pain…. It’s very painful when an artist is criticized cruelly by people.
    Recently, I was going through my Goodreads account, and came across my review (n the only review I have ever given on any novel) on your first novel ‘Inconvenient Relations’, which was originally named as ‘Incurable Insanity’….if I am not wrong.
    I opened the link, and read all the comments…n I was shocked. Many people, mostly non-Indians found your writing ‘childish’, ‘pathetic’, etc.
    I still have your chapters saved on my desktop….except there, the story is of Shaan n Khanak n not Shaan n Ruhi. Nonetheless, I have saved many such FFs from Rang Badalti Odhani which I read often in my spare time to remember those wonderful days when we drooled over Shanak. I opened your chapters again…..n re-read them. I opened your blog of Inconvenient Relations again….n re-read them. Honestly, I found nothing that was ‘childish’ and ‘pathetic’.
    Yes…..your stories are simple stories of love and marriage, and not some grand scale epic saga like Game of Thrones. Yet, despite the simplicity, there was warmth n love in your tales which touched me in sensitive places, for which I became one of your biggest fans on IF, pestering you to give updates.

    So….don’t feel let down. Not all genre of writing is for everyone. If there are some who hate you, there are many who love you too.

    I too have criticised many authors – not their writing style – but the content at times….At some point, we all do. But wat matters is what you believe.
    You can either give up……or hone your writing skills n give us better novels. Some of the greatest stories ever written were on simple things like love n marriage only. So, your genre will be appreciated.

    Keep it up.


  4. sudha shree

    I swear Simi di, Your writing is not pathetic!
    Till date I have loved all your books! They are unique & brilliant!
    I would love to follow your stories on your blog!
    Its like an addiction to me to read your stories!
    I still have “Inconvenient relation” & “Accidental wife” in my kindle app! I often re read those stories!
    Please continue with your habit of writing which is certainly a good habit according to me!
    Love u!

  5. Sonali Dhir

    Simi your writing is amazing, compared to other writers of this genre , you are top notch. Never forget that! You got published when lots of others never have. There is a reason your books made it! don’t let one bad review or rude person change that.


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