Human After All Chap 16: From Megha With Love


chapter 15

16: From Megha With Love


In the prettiest room in the Khandelwal manor lit only by the light of the moon, a woman cuddled with a small child.

Chanda hai tu, mera suraj hai tu

Oh meri aankhon ka tara hai tu

Jeeti hun main, bas tujhe dekh ke hai tu..

(You are my moon, you are my Sun

You are the apple of my eye

I live only to see you everyday


“Yes my sweetheart?”

“Thank you for tucking me in tonight. Dad, he falls asleep on the story book and makes noises like a choo choo train. Then I can’t sleep at all.”

“Really? My poor baby!” muaahhh! “From tonight mommy will tuck you in. Okay?”

“I love you mama! And you sing so nicely, not like Daddy.”

Sounds of sniffling.

“Why are you crying, mama?”

I’m not crying sweetie pie. Sometimes tears just start to flow when adults are very happy! Like I am now, with you.”

“It’s alright mama! I thought you must be hurt like Teddy though he never cried when his nose fell off.”

“Is Teddy your best friend?”

“Yes, mama. And now you are too, just like Doctor Aunty and Shaan chaachu!”

“You love Doctor Aunty, yes?”

“Yes mama, very much, she always kisses me and hugs me! And chachu loves her too! He said so!”

“He did?”

“Yes! And when I asked Doctor Aunty, she shook her head like this.” Megha nodded vigorously.

“She did?”

“Yes! And I asked her to come to my birthday, I did right, didn’t I Mama?”

“Your birthday?! OMG! Its next week isn’t it? I have to make so many arrangements! My baby will have the best birthday ever!”

“Thank you mama! And please invite Doctor Aunty for me. Please!” Megha hugged her mother tight.

“Yes, I will. I swear! Happy? Now go to sleep. Tomorrow you have sports day right?”

“Mama? Will you come to watch me run? Do say yes! Pleease! Then I will run really fast!”

“Of course I will! And Dad will too! I’ll make him. And I’ll cheer the loudest! Now, here is your Daisy (ragdoll) go to sleep! Goodnight my most precious one! Muuaaah!”

“Mama I love you! You are the best!”

“And you are the best little girl anyone could ever have! Now sleep tight.”Khushboo couldn’t control her tears as she shut the door. She let them flow freely.


Now Daisy was a doll with eyes that blinked so Megha could hold a conversation with her and get her to agree with her each and every time.

And so she began: “Daisy, today is the happiest day don’t you think?”


“Mama sang me to sleep!”


“But she cried. Why? Sometimes grownups do funny things, don’t they Daisy?”


“Like Dadi did today. She was fine and then she called Doctor Aunty saying she was sick. Then she was okay again!”


“Then she made me follow Chachu and Aunty outside. Do you know why?”

Blink! Blink!

“No? I dunno either! Then Chaachu acted funny with Aunty. He looked like he was going to eat her up!”


“Yes! And he looked just like Daddy did today when he was going to kiss Mama!”


“Yes, I know everything! What Daddies do to Mommies!” She giggled loudly.

Shhh! Somebody will hear us!”


“I don’t know why Shaan chaachu was pulling his hair. Doesn’t he know only Daddies and Mommies can kiss?”

Blink? Blink?

“Why? Dumbo! Because that’s how they have babies! Yes, I’m going to get a baby brother soon!” Megha giggled again.

Blink! Blink! Blink!

3 thoughts on “Human After All Chap 16: From Megha With Love

  1. sudha shree

    Aww… The most cutest part Simi di…
    Just loved Meghu’s baby talk with her daisy doll… She was onr adorable child…
    Whoa! What a surprise? Kushboo put her baby girl to sleep?? Why this sudden change?? Something fishy…
    I guess next update will be Megha’s bday party… Excited for that…

  2. Crazybookworm27

    Nice chap..loved it..
    Khushboo’s behaviour a bit confusing..but waiting for the next chap..


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