Love is Sunset on the Beach


Here is another Excerpt from my upcoming book NOW AND FOREVER BOOK 2 OF INCONVENIENT RELATIONS

Jealousy. Nothing burns more like it. Especially when what you think is yours is snatched away from you and the foul act is committed right under your nose. So mused Ruhi as she slow danced with her husband and observed Des from the corner of her eyes. The bitch (she couldn’t think of the woman as anything else) wore a placid smile on her blood red lips as she walked around among her guests making small talk like a gracious hostess. But her telltale eyes gave her game away. They revealed her thoughts were elsewhere and they weren’t very pleasant.

Her head shot up when a sharp pinch landed on her hip. ‘Wake up Ruhi! It isn’t every day you get to dance with your husband.”

Ruhi flushed, “Sorry Shaan. Actually I was distracted by the sunset.” She pointed to the horizon. “I haven’t seen anything quite like it, have you?”

Fortunately for her, Shaan bought her ruse. He scanned the western sky, taking in the panorama of the rippling river of grey clouds that reflected the orange red rays of the sun onto the ocean below and nodded, “Yes it is spectacular. Like a scene right out of a David Lean movie.” Ruhi smiled recalling his love for the classics.

They were both at Spacegenic’s annual summer party that Rich was hosting at his residence—a grand palatial bungalow built on top of a steep bluff overlooking a long stretch of private beach in Malibu. She had been persuaded to attend by Shaan— “I wouldn’t care to go but for Rich. He wants to celebrate the success of the Venus project with all of us. Besides, now that I am one of his team leads it would be rude if I gave it a miss.”

Ruhi was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t an intimate get together as she had feared. Rich had organized the party outdoors so to take advantage of the wonderful weather and the glorious views. The music was live and upbeat, the wine free flowing and the crowd large and raucous making it easy for her to avoid run-ins with her enemy. That is if her mind would let her do so.

“Rich is very lucky; don’t you think?” she said almost to herself.

“Yes he is. But not as lucky as me.”

Ruhi beheld the tender expression on her spouse’s face and was immediately besieged by remorse. Something was terribly wrong with her. They were here to have a good time weren’t they? She was then struck by a sudden notion. “Come with me!” She grasped Shaan by the arm and pulled him to a passageway near the front of the house that she had spotted on the way in. It had a sign that said it led to the beach. There she removed her wedge sandals and urged him to follow as she raced down the wooden steps hewn into the hillside. Then once on the ground she plodded through the warm sand to a small copse of tall thin palm trees. Shaan was out of breath and laughing when he caught up. Yet he seemed to have grasped her intention—that she wanted to be alone with him.

They gazed at each other. Their solitude amplified by the roar of the ocean crashing on the beach. His skin gleamed gold in the fading light. Abruptly she flung her arms around his neck; “Shaan! You will never know how much I love you.”

“I don’t need to,” he said and then stepped forward and kissed her. She tasted salt on his lips. It was intoxicating. She leaned back against a tree trunk and pulled him closer. His kiss grew deeper. And then all of a sudden…..


I am waiting eagerly for the book release. Are you? 

Cover reveal coming soon 🙂 

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