Deepawali Greetings!


Wishing all my friends near and far A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS DEEPAWALI!

Just as on this day Lord Krishna destroyed the demon Narakasura and rid the world of fear, let the light of knowledge rid the darkness of ignorance from our hearts and minds.

 On an aside what I like more about this story is that Krishna took his wife Satyabhama along.  She was one stubborn woman and a bold one too. She helped Krishna kill Narakasura 🙂


4 thoughts on “Deepawali Greetings!

  1. sudha shree

    Wish u a very happy Diwali di…
    Thank u for your lovely wish… And also for sharing that lovely piece of information that Krishna took his wife Sathyabama to destroy Narakasura… Very new to me… Never knew before about his wife being his support in killing that demon…
    Thank u…

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