Podcast: My novel Inconvenient Relations: Chap 1 and 2. Listen!

I’ve been asked a few times why aren’t my novels in audio? Well, I never thought about it. And then I had to find a suitable desi voice. Too much hard work. But then now that I have my own podcast I thought why not narrate it myself? So here it is! In installments for free! Hope you like it. Will try to post at regular intervals.

Inconvenient Relations- Chap 1 and 2

Interview with author Katharine Nohr Novel Times with Simi K. Rao

I talk with Katharine Nohr, author of the Tri-Angles series. We also talk about Land Sharks, the first book in the series which is a legal mystery thriller with a dynamic young attorney who is also a triathlete based in beautiful Hawaii.