Podcast: My novel Inconvenient Relations: Chap 1 and 2. Listen!

I’ve been asked a few times why aren’t my novels in audio? Well, I never thought about it. And then I had to find a suitable desi voice. Too much hard work. But then now that I have my own podcast I thought why not narrate it myself? So here it is! In installments for free! Hope you like it. Will try to post at regular intervals.

Inconvenient Relations- Chap 1 and 2

Interview with author Flo Parfitt Healthwise, Book and Author Talk with Simi K. Rao

In this episode I talk with Flo Parfitt, the author of the historical fiction series 'Daughters of Evolution'. We also discuss Sara's Sacrifice, the first book in the series that is based on the suffragette movement in America.