Romance Of The Railroad

Long winding roads, verdent mountains, dotted blue skies, fresh chill in the air, and yes– The Choo! Choo! train.
“Bye, bye Choo choo train!” says a mother to her toddler as they descended the train. The nostalgia and the romance of the steam engine is unique. It brings an immediate smile all faces and a faraway look in those of us who have experienced traveling long distances in them. The sharp sound of the whistle and the smoke plume billowing over the length of the train has a plaintive ring to it– as if seeking for a lost era.

The steam engines were the iron horses that powered the industrial revolution. Now they have been replaced by electric engines and motor vehicles, but the romance lives on, thanks to a few places like the Georgetown Loop Railroad, in Georgetown, Colorado. Located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains just about an hour from Denver, on highway 70, is this living museum that helps the old revisit and introduces the young a bygone time. You can also visit an old silver mine and pan for gold. How better to spend a weekend? Do visit if you are in the vicinity. You won’t regret it.