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‘Now and Forever’ Blog tour, Free download and Giveaway!

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Now through Jan 6th you can download my latest novel Now and Forever (the sequel of Inconvenient Relations) free on kindle worldwide! Plus get a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card by entering a giveaway here! Also follow the blog tour below and read excerpts and get to know more about my books. How’s that for a New Year gift?

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Personality Talks, It Walks and Rocks!

Inconvenient relations Cnow-and-forever

The statement is absolutely true. At least it is for me. For example how often have you come across someone who’s gorgeous to look at but then they start talking and you realize they aren’t so hot at all. You almost wish they hadn’t opened their mouths. The opposite also holds true.  

Its personality or character that makes or breaks a person. The same goes for a good novel too. What I’m getting at is character development. I may get drawn to a book by its attractive cover and plot summary but if the characters are insipid, if they don’t talk to me or get under my skin my interest dissipates rapidly and I will usually dump the book.

I’d like to say the characters in my books usually have several dimensions (they aren’t necessarily schizophrenic), with subtleties that are revealed slowly or kept hidden similar to many people we all know and acquaint ourselves with. I cannot write my characters unless I know them or I am them. Often I live them and dream them. They are my friends and I talk to them. I ask them how they feel then jot down what they say.

Inconvenient Relations and its sequel Now and Forever have some interesting characters.It is vital to read book 1 to enjoy book 2 because in essence this story is a study of a relationship and its various phases.

An imperfect yet perfect couple—

Ruhi or my chile dulce (sweet chili pepper) as her spouse Shaan likes to call her, starts of as a young woman from a cherished background, with dreams of building a future with her one-in-a-million husband who has been carefully picked for her by her parents. But her hopes are challenged right from page one. She is coerced into taking on a role that is quite alien to her or maybe had been held back and didn’t have the chance to manifest so far. It isn’t uncommon to see certain traits reveal themselves only under times of duress. Instead of bowing down and mutely accepting what destiny has doled out to her, Ruhi chooses to stand up to it. She shows her husband the mirror by turning the tables on him. She disguises her vulnerability in a bold and brazen avatar, She is a novice hence rash in her ways and often undiplomatic in her conversation yet she is also coy and secretive. All in all she is a maddening bundle of fun and mischief who adroitly twists her willing hubby around her little finger and exhibits no qualms about it. She loves him with a passion and won’t stop at anything to get him what is rightfully his.She is a woman to be reckoned with.

Sona munda Shaan Ahuja (heat factor to the power of infinity) is a gorgeous nerd who falls for the wrong woman and ends up paying for it dearly. He quashes the dreams of his brand new bride by announcing on their wedding night that he loves another and then is forced to eat his words. Shaan is a sensitive man with an arrogant streak who is devoted to his wife and his job. He is a jealous lover and possessive husband. He falls for his wife at the outset and doesn’t recognize it or is kept from acknowledging it by his ego and maybe his insecurity. Regardless, she drags his feelings out in the open after a cat and mouse game and they have a wonderful time until life tests him again. But then he has his trump card at his side.

I cannot conclude without talking about Sunshine, who happens to be my favorite character in the books. A frail septuagenarian, she is the catalyst in Ruhi and Shaan’s bonding. But don’t be deceived, this little old lady has a zest for life that rivals even those a quarter of her age. Enough said, I have to leave something for my books. Happy reading!


‘Now and Forever’ is now Available! This time for real!


Thanks for your patience. I sincerely apologize for announcing the release prematurely. But this time I’m not kidding! The sequel of Inconvenient Relations– Now and Forever is now available for purchase on Amazon, in both kindle and paperback formats. 

Can Shaan and Ruhi face their biggest fears and unite together?

Shaan and Ruhi Ahuja, very much in love Indian newlyweds, discover each other in Simi K. Rao’s Now and Forever—the sassy and sexy sequel to Inconvenient Relations. After getting the scare of their lives while traveling in the Grand Canyon, Shaan and Ruhi go back home to one dilemma after another. Shaan’s job is in jeopardy, and one of Ruhi’s closest friends, Sunshine, needs her. How will Shaan and Ruhi handle life’s hurdles, while still trying to get to know each other as husband and wife? Will they be able to forsake all others and consolidate their relationship?

To know the answer to all these questions read ‘Now and Forever’ — an all out fun and intriguing sequel to Inconvenient Relations!









I hope you will read and enjoy the book. If you can please do post a review on Amazon and Goodreads and tell your friends 🙂

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Love is Sunset on the Beach


Here is another Excerpt from my upcoming book NOW AND FOREVER BOOK 2 OF INCONVENIENT RELATIONS

Jealousy. Nothing burns more like it. Especially when what you think is yours is snatched away from you and the foul act is committed right under your nose. So mused Ruhi as she slow danced with her husband and observed Des from the corner of her eyes. The bitch (she couldn’t think of the woman as anything else) wore a placid smile on her blood red lips as she walked around among her guests making small talk like a gracious hostess. But her telltale eyes gave her game away. They revealed her thoughts were elsewhere and they weren’t very pleasant.

Her head shot up when a sharp pinch landed on her hip. ‘Wake up Ruhi! It isn’t every day you get to dance with your husband.”

Ruhi flushed, “Sorry Shaan. Actually I was distracted by the sunset.” She pointed to the horizon. “I haven’t seen anything quite like it, have you?”

Fortunately for her, Shaan bought her ruse. He scanned the western sky, taking in the panorama of the rippling river of grey clouds that reflected the orange red rays of the sun onto the ocean below and nodded, “Yes it is spectacular. Like a scene right out of a David Lean movie.” Ruhi smiled recalling his love for the classics.

They were both at Spacegenic’s annual summer party that Rich was hosting at his residence—a grand palatial bungalow built on top of a steep bluff overlooking a long stretch of private beach in Malibu. She had been persuaded to attend by Shaan— “I wouldn’t care to go but for Rich. He wants to celebrate the success of the Venus project with all of us. Besides, now that I am one of his team leads it would be rude if I gave it a miss.”

Ruhi was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t an intimate get together as she had feared. Rich had organized the party outdoors so to take advantage of the wonderful weather and the glorious views. The music was live and upbeat, the wine free flowing and the crowd large and raucous making it easy for her to avoid run-ins with her enemy. That is if her mind would let her do so.

“Rich is very lucky; don’t you think?” she said almost to herself.

“Yes he is. But not as lucky as me.”

Ruhi beheld the tender expression on her spouse’s face and was immediately besieged by remorse. Something was terribly wrong with her. They were here to have a good time weren’t they? She was then struck by a sudden notion. “Come with me!” She grasped Shaan by the arm and pulled him to a passageway near the front of the house that she had spotted on the way in. It had a sign that said it led to the beach. There she removed her wedge sandals and urged him to follow as she raced down the wooden steps hewn into the hillside. Then once on the ground she plodded through the warm sand to a small copse of tall thin palm trees. Shaan was out of breath and laughing when he caught up. Yet he seemed to have grasped her intention—that she wanted to be alone with him.

They gazed at each other. Their solitude amplified by the roar of the ocean crashing on the beach. His skin gleamed gold in the fading light. Abruptly she flung her arms around his neck; “Shaan! You will never know how much I love you.”

“I don’t need to,” he said and then stepped forward and kissed her. She tasted salt on his lips. It was intoxicating. She leaned back against a tree trunk and pulled him closer. His kiss grew deeper. And then all of a sudden…..


I am waiting eagerly for the book release. Are you? 

Cover reveal coming soon 🙂 

She Keeps Him on His Toes

indian bride 2

Another Excerpt from NOW AND FOREVER

Prior Excerpt

Subtlety is Not her Middle Name

‘Shaan stared in wonder at his wife. He hoped not to make it obvious but couldn’t keep his jaw from sagging. It was true. Ever since they’d got together, she had walloped him with one surprise after another– her innocent face belying zilch. Plus, she had kept him in a state of perpetual hypervigilance with her tease and toy game. Not that it wasn’t worth the rewards reaped in the end. The sex simply blew his mind. Enough to make him grovel for more abuse.
But today took the cake. She had truly and thoroughly stumped him. He wouldn’t have believed it hadn’t he been right there and seen it with his own eyes. And apparently she had enjoyed it too. God! Did she turn him on!’


Catch up on Book 1 HERE

The Irresistible Image of A Shy Indian Bride

shy indian bride

An Excerpt from NOW AND FOREVER 

‘After what he perceived to be an eternity, she came out leading Ruhi with the pallu of her sari draped demurely over her head. With her freshly mascaraed eyelashes tilted toward the ground, a bright vermillion streak on her forehead and luscious lips painted a dark red wine in striking contrast to an unblemished complexion, Ruhi looked like an exquisite, untouched new bride reminding Shaan of a day from not too distant a past.’


Catch up on Book 1 HERE

Any takers For Inconvenient Relations Book 2?

Inconvenient relations C

Ok I agree. The book was awfully written and I truly apologize to all those who want to tell me so. Yes I get your message loud and clear. If you are wondering what I am talking about please check this link. I should not have published it.  I wish I could undo the wrong but I can’t. So I guess I have to live with it 🙁

Now a critical question (critical for me). What happens to the sequel? What happens to the rest of Shaan and Ruhi’s tale? Is there anyone who cares to know? Anyone out there who wishes to read it? What should I do now that I have completed the manuscript? Should I scrap it? Consign it to flames (metamorphically speaking)? Please tell me because I want to know.