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Window Shopping

As she turned the street corner, Ritu stopped to check her profile in the shop window. For a fraction of a second, not more. Guess I look okay, she thought and walked on after giving a brisk downward tug to the form fitting dress that ended just above her knees. It was a pretty dress with a cheery print of yellow and pink roses on an olive green background. “Perfect for the summer!” the salesgirl had assured her with a bright smile.

Ritu hadn’t just bought that two hundred dollar dress. She had splurged– in a way very uncharacteristic of her. She had acted on impulse. The print had caught her eye and the color looked really good on her or so she’d thought at the time. But she hadn’t got around to wearing it. Ever since that day it had hung in her closet to be perused periodically then passed over for something more ordinary and comfortable. Such as the dozen or so pants and blouses that fit her identity of sensible but bland Ritu. But today was different. She wanted to look her best.

The cafe was called Coffee, Tea and Me. The name had evoked a distant memory. It was the title of a book she had read a long time ago. She didn’t recall much of it but the gist had remained with her like some stories have a way of doing. It had something to do with a young woman. Or two young women who were stewardesses and their adventures. She had associated with the book as a young woman; launching herself into an exciting new career, of a stewardess, traveling to new places, meeting people, maybe some romance even. It felt silly now but at the time it had been wonderful. A different life.

Run Aaliyah Run- An Idea

crimes against women

Run Aaliyah Run

“Run Aaliyah, Run!”

And Aaliyah ran! The voice–her guide–was seldom wrong—‘seldom’ taken with a grain of salt that is.

But right now she had no time to argue or deliberate. She simply obeyed her instincts and ran.

She ran in the dark. Always in the dark. Helter-skelter. Directionless. Aiming for an unknown destination far away from here. Far, far away.

She ran on streets overflowing with the rotting filth of humanity on bare-naked feet. The tender skin lacerated and torn to shreds. Yet she felt no pain. Indeed she felt nothing at all.

She ran blind. Her brain a confusion of sounds that she had come to hate. She bumped into bodies. Some of whom grabbed at her tattered skirt. They let go when she screamed.

She ran. Away from the noise and the rough groping hands. From the barred windows and the locked doors and from the unbearable pain.

She ran.


Aaliyah is a girl who is a victim of her circumstances. She could be helped if only she had sought it on time. Unfortunately the situation perpetuated itself and her life veered on to a different path altogether. She is now standing at the crossroads and weighing her choices. Does she have any?

This is a short that hopefully will become the template of a story I hope to write in the near future. It is based on a real life experience of mine that I was tremendously affected by. It’s unlike the usual stuff I churn out. I hope you will like it.