Inconvenient Relations is a multi-cultural contemporary romance story of an arranged marriage and is a beautiful blending of the Indian and American cultures. Readers will learn more about the Indian heritage and the romance that happens behind closed doors in an Indian relationship. This coming of age story about true love explores multi-cultural issues. The sexy and sassy sequel, Now and Forever was released October 2016.

The Accidental Wife, is the story of Rihaan Mehta, a brilliant young neurosurgeon who has no inclination for love or marriage.

Milan (A Wedding Story) is a captivating look into the developing relationship of a young couple falling in love for the first time while honoring family traditions.

Now and Forever is the sexy and sassy sequel of Inconvenient Relations. After getting the scare of their lives while traveling in the Grand Canyon, Shaan and Ruhi go back home to one dilemma after another. Shaan’s job is in jeopardy, and one of Ruhi’s closest friends, Sunshine, needs her. How will Shaan and Ruhi handle life’s hurdles, while still trying to get to know each other as husband and wife? Will they be able to forsake all others and consolidate their relationship?

Under the Shade of the Banyan Tree Life is not about achieving perfection, it’s about reconciling with your imperfections. Poems are fragments of life. In Simi K. Rao’s unique poetry collection for women, there are blissful moments; deep, invisible wounds; cries for help; declarations of defiance and philosophical observations. The poems and prose pieces compiling the collection are fragments of life elucidating the different phases of the human condition. Under the Shade of the Banyan Tree will leave readers wanting for more and have a deep impact on women of all ages.


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MIlan cover 1






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