SU (Straight up)


What is worse?
Being ignored or being told that someone hates you.
I would vote for the former. Why?


‘cause being overlooked is a slight
A stain on my existence
I am trivial
Tinier than an ant crushed underfoot
And equally insignificant


I am invisible
Words I speak fall on deaf ears
No one would even care
 If I vanished into thin air 


That is why I prefer
The plain goddamn truth
Just give it to me straight
Don’t vacillate
Please! Get me out of my misery.


Moral: If you really hate somebody, ignore them!



Billy Joel said it very well

15 thoughts on “SU (Straight up)

  1. sharonforever

    Simi that was great …so true ….what I have felt is that the people from whom we expect something ignores us but somebody else do care for us and we tend to ignore them accidentally……it really hurts when someone close hurts you no matter how much we try to forget it still pricks us…..the best remedy is to just try hard not to think of the person and also fall in love with oneself ,cause if we love our life the precious gift from almighty then we will find the purpose of our life …..good job…….loved it 🙂

  2. sharonforever

    Hey Simi dunno wher the previous comment went :(….good job ……I have felt that we are always hurt by people from whom we expect a lot on the other hand someone else appreciates us for what we are and we accidentally ignore them…..well the best remedy is try hard to stop thinking of the people who hurt us though it is very hard still v shud try and each one us should try to fall in love with oneself and appreciate the precious gift of life given by the almighty then we will seee the purpose of our life and this in turn helps us to ignore the cold behaviour of the people around us :)….Good Job Simi :)….

    1. Simi K. Rao

      It went to the spam box Sharon. And I agree with what you say also. It’s just that it’d be so much easier to just be honest about things for a change so we can learn to stop expecting any longer. You see we are all afflicted by the social bug.:)

  3. adventuregurl567

    I hate it when people knowlingly ignore, I rather them tell me what the issue is, it would be less stressful for both sides, why create more tension if it can be avoided?

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