From time immemorial

This has been a woman’s lot

That a man is more equal than she

History has not forgot


She toiled with him everyday

Made sure he was fed

Going sometimes without

Would anyone care if she were dead


She bore him sons

Despite incredible pain

Her daughters he rejected

‘Coz they brought him shame


He covered her up from head to toe

Treating her like some possession

Shackled her up in his house

Scourged her for his own indiscretions


Would you find people more hypocrite

In any other part of the world

Who deify innumerable goddesses

Yet smother the baby girl?



This poem is dedicated to women across the world. As a race,we are no strangers to abuse and discrimination and it continues even today in some form or other, be it at home, in the workplace or on the streets. We continue to struggle for our rights.

But back in my homeland, it’s as though we are permanently stuck in the dark ages.

A gruesome incident occurred last month in India’s capital which has received world wide attention. It is something which has put the entire country to shame.

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15 thoughts on “Woman

  1. priaa

    Hey sim
    I think we are not , i mean our race is not human enough…….we still need to be trained like a slave animal.thats when our specie will learn how to live.we are a bunch of dogs in a men’s disguise.even dogs are loyal and faithful.” sharam ani chahiye hum sabko apnay uppar”.

  2. Ramzz

    Wonderful insight Simi..
    Its a shame indeed how things r happening..*sigh*
    Hope we get justice ..

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