Simple Pleasures

TongaThe Tonga (Horse drawn carriage) as seen on the streets of Agra, India

Simple Pleasures


I reminisce with immense fondness

 Memories of homeland shores

When life was unadulterated

And goals within reach

Such as…

Walking barefoot on the sand

Gorging cotton candy at the fair

Screaming hoarse along with the radio

And yes, the occasional pleasure ride around town


Tonga or Tangaतांगा Hindi meaning Hansom or Horse carriage

12 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. ramzzb

    I too had a chance to enjoy the ride once..
    Whatever u have written is so true.. which we did the most in our childhood.. but now.. *sigh*
    I don’t enjoy all that even now.. 🙁

  2. Tulika

    loved it Simi……it was beautiful…….”when life was unadulterated and goals within reach such as…………”lovely lines!! “A Beautiful Winter” was also very nice especially because here in India summers have already started and winter is being missed a lot!! wishing you a very Happy Holi!!

  3. jalis

    oohh lovely
    recently maine bhi agra me tanga dekha hehehehe but we didnt get a chance to ride
    but many years ago bijapur me tanga ride kiya hain
    its so much of fun
    and lovely poem u r superb 🙂

  4. saira

    This is like memory down the lane for me…we have exact same replicas in Pakistan too but due to advance transport people hardly use them much 🙂 BUT tanga’s have their own JOY! You’ve described it beautifully 😀 Goshhh…it got me really nostalgic about back home and the small joys! Sighh! It was lovely Simi, truly 🙂

  5. Rafia Rashid

    Your poems are always do beautifully written. You capture a moment or emotion so well that it enables us readers to experience the same. There is no comparison to a good old rude on the tonga if only the west would catch on lol.
    Keep writing poems as not all writers can x

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