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The Kedarnath Shrine
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Devastating Floods
Uttarakhand Floods
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In probably one of the worst disasters in the recent past in India, the entire Uttarakhand has been hit badly by incessant rains, landslides and floods. The fury of nature in this Himalayan state has been so devastating and deadly that forceful flood waters washed away everything that came its way – revered ancient shrines, homes, apartment buildings, cars and people. Uttarakhand State sources estimate the loss of life to be more than 10,000. Over 70,000 people have been stranded. The devastation has taken just 36 hours and the loss is unfathomable as roads and communications have been completely wiped off.
For a preliminary Video of the devastation caused by flood Click Here
The epicenter of the disaster appeared to be Kedarnath where most of the casualties have taken place. The devastation spread well beyond Kedarnath to other holy shrines on the Char Dham pilgrimage area. More than 12,000 pilgrims and villagers were stranded in and around Badrinath – one of the holiest shrines. Around 25,000 pilgrims are trapped in Damta, 70 km from Yamunotri. Thousands of people are stranded in Chamoli, Kinnaur and as far as Rudraprayag.
In this moment of unspoken tragedy and human suffering, Sewa International requests each and everyone to open your hearts and wallets to help serve these people under distress. Please consider the plight of these people uprooted from their places. The relief efforts – providing aid to the flood hit areas and rehabilitating people – would continue for weeks and months to come. Through its sister organization in India, Sewa International Bharat and its volunteers on ground, your contributions will reach the affected people directly to provide support. In view of the seriousness of the situation, Sewa has committed $10,000 towards immediate relief.
Kindly donate generously at or call us at 708-USA-SEWA or email at [email protected].

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  1. ramzzb

    Worst floods indeed..
    My parents had a plan to visit the shrines by September.. now they r not sure abt their actual plan.. hopethe ppl suffering there r rescued..

  2. Tulika

    It is a huge disaster Simi!! i had visited the shrines a couple of years back!! have already donated a bit!!

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