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messy bed


#3 Messy Bed

Meanwhile at home, Ruhi wasn’t feeling so perky. Her husband had left for work on an empty stomach and without his usual packed lunch.

But it isn’t my fault entirely, she thought while sitting at the dinette table and taking her first sip of the ginger chai. Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply and let the invigorating aroma seep into her brain and gradually dissipate the dense fog of fatigue that had lodged in there.

“He is to blame equally if not more.” She asserted aloud as her eyes snapped open– alert and gleaming with indignation.

“Why does he wish to be indulged in all the time? Is he not aware that his wife is a very delicate little thing?” She directed the question to the empty chair she was seated across. It didn’t respond with a smart rebuttal, unlike her husband.

She sighed and her head sank to the table.

Sometime in the middle of last night, she had stirred from her sleep and found herself alone. Nervous, her heart fluttering inside her chest like a frightened bunny, she had cocooned herself in a sheet. Then she had padded over to the room across the hall that he used as his office and squealed with delight on finding him there busy on the computer terminal.

Throwing her arms around him, she had nuzzled into his neck. He had responded by groaning aloud and complaining that her presence robbed him of his concentration.

Furious, she had marched out and settled on the couch in the living room with a book she’d blindly swiped from his bookshelf. It turned out to be one of his engineering texts that made no sense to her at all. But she hadn’t gone back to exchange it— her insides still seething with irritation. How could he?

She must have fallen asleep for when she woke, she found herself nestled in his arms. He carried her to bed, where instead of sleeping, they had made love again.

Ruhi blushed red hot as she rinsed her cup. It wouldn’t be easy getting used to his ways, yet it’d be so much better if he didn’t have such an unpredictable work schedule.

She moaned and hugged herself in an attempt to resurrect his presence.

“No Ruhi, wake up! This won’t do! You can’t squander away the rest of your life pining after your spouse like a silly wife. You need to get your act together.”

She nodded, “Yes, I have to find a job and start honoring the promise I made to Sunshine or I won’t be able to rest in peace.”

She dropped a couple of bagel slices into the toaster, “But before any of that, there is something else I need to do.”


INCONVENIENT RELATIONS Book 2 ‘NOW AND FOREVER’ — #love #passion #suspense #intrigue



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    blushhhh these two have gone mad hehehehe mad in LOVE so sweet
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    Cute!! I love love loooovee Ruhi. I hope she gets a job soon.
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