Human After All Chap 14: Hooked

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Sorry for my idiosyncracies. But I’ve realized that readers come to my blog to read my stories and not otherwise. So I’ve decided to continue to post HAA (Human After All). It is a soap opera. But heck don’t people love them still?

chapter 13

14: Hooked


She lay on the forest floor, dead for all practical purposes. Her body deathly still and cold, her face pale and grey, her lips cracked and blue. She looked like a waif in her thin white dress of muslin. Her feet were bare. Even nature had given up, the gentle breeze sweeping the dry leaves on to her, covering her up to blend her in with itself.

The only thing to suggest there was life still, were her breaths. They barely managed to stir the air above her face and each successive one was followed by more prolonged pauses. But she did not want to give up yet. Her soul still clung to her body hoping for some reprieve. After all what wrong had she done? Therefore she remained, her ears straining for approaching humanity that they may stumble across her and save her ebbing life. She was too young to die.

And just before her brain slipped into unconsciousness, hope arrived in the form of the sounds of a trotting horse and therefore a rider. She listened as the horse protested being reigned in. The rider who had obviously seen her jumped down and strode towards her, his stride full of youthful confidence (maybe it was her wishful thinking). She heard the swish of his long cloak as it swung in rhythm with his stride. Hmm a nobleman! He paused. Then she heard the leaves crackle as he bent down to examine her face closely. She hoped he liked what he saw and was willing to give her the breath of life. Her diminishing heart beat quickened as she felt his warm breath caress her cold cheeks. Several moments passed yet she did not feel the warmth of his lips on hers.

‘What in hell are you waiting for? Get on with it! Have you forgotten the basics of Life Support?‘ She wanted to scream.

Somehow her Prince had been distracted by an irritating noise in the background that seemed to get louder by the minute.

It is my BLOODY CELL PHONE! Dang it!

Khanak, obviously irritated for being disturbed from her wonderful dream, picked up her phone and said somewhat sharply. “This is Dr. Khanak Agarwal. I don’t think I’m on call.”

“Hello Dr. Khanak Agarwal, your most deserving patient needs you now.”

What?! Shantanu is that you?” Khanak, now wide awake propped herself up on her elbow. She had a worried look on her face.

“Yes it’s me sweetheart. Didn’t you tell me in your note that I could call you at any time and that it wouldn’t be a bother?” Shaan said in his low husky baritone.

Khanak almost felt as if he had been spying on her in her dream and had called her just to make her feel more vulnerable.

“I did not mean in the middle of the night except in the case of emergencies;” She retorted in a loud whisper. She hoped Palak did not have her ear to wall. Her room was next to hers.

“Well this is an emergency. First of all, Megha wants her teddy back.”

“You could have called about that in the morning. Tell her it will take another couple of days. He’s scheduled for surgery tomorrow. So now are you satisfied?”

“No. The actual emergency is not that. It’s me. Ever since I saw you I have lost my sleep and it has getting worse every day. Not just that you’ve also wrought a change in me. I had pledged not to trust my soul to any woman ever. But you’ve made me believe that my life is incomplete without you. I have become a love freak! I listen to old love songs. I watch old romantic movies! I even want to pick up my old violin which I haven’t touched in ages and come and serenade you under your window like Romeo. Though I’m not sure if you’ll hear my music above all this din. Which floor is your apartment on?”

“It is on the 5th Floor but you are not going to do it. Please! I have to get up early in the morning. And you are bothering me!”

“No my dear you are lying. I’m bothering you but in a different way. I can even it over the phone. You are almost gasping with excitement, your cheeks are flushed and you are hugging your pillow tight to prevent your hands from shaking.”

She let out a loud gasp then said in a matter of fact tone. “Enough! Stop! I don’t care whether you sleep or not. I’m going back to mine!”

“Not so soon my dear. Remember you are my doctor? I won’t let you sleep until you say I Love You.”

What?” Khanak’s brow furrowed. “Why should I say something I don’t feel?”

“That is beside the point. I know exactly the state of your heart. I won’t let you go unless you say the three words.”

Khanak laughed; “If I don’t what will you do?”

“I will call your home, wake up your Mom, Dad and Palak. They will obviously take my side when I complain that Dr. Khanak Agarwal has become choosy with her patients.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Khanak was aghast.

“Try me sweetheart. Love sets no limits.” And when she didn’t respond he said; “Alright! If you won’t say it, I’ll accept an alternative.”

“What kind of alternative?” Khanak asked.

“Uh hmm Madam is receptive. Sweet! Okay I’ll let you go if you reply in the affirmative when I ask you if you love me.”

Khanak closed her eyes and waited with baited breath.

“So my sapnon ki rani do you love me?”

“No I don’t.”

“At least you like me.”

“I guess I do.”

Then love’s not far away, is it?”

“Do we have to do this?”

“Khanak say you like me.”

“I like you.”

“And you love me too.”

“Hmmm…I love all of mankind so if you are human which I doubt very much then I love you.” She laughed.

“Good god! Khanak I’m having a heart attack. Can you come here please!”

Then as she giggled he said in his honey glazed voice:

“Mere mehboob ki har ada par

Hamein pyaar aata hai

Inkaar mein bhi

Ikraar nazar aata hai”

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  1. Aasma

    yayyyyyyyyy another update, im sooo glad youre updating, and i LOVE SHANAK loooooooool but i really do and hes sucha tease, she said you can call me anytime but that doesnt mean in the middle of the night hahahhaha looool
    but ever since hes fallen in love hes forgotten everything.

    love you simi,
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  2. Crazybookworm27

    Awesome chap..
    Loved it..i would die with happiness if i get a life admirer like Shaan.
    The reply from khanak..was the deal chap…

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    Shaan, man! She said to call her anytime but that doesnt mean u will call her in the midnight & disturb her… Lol!
    Somehow he made her confess that she likes him… But still it wont be enough for this insatiable guy… He will surely want her to say i love you to him … Lol! But for now he can sleep well knowing that his sapnoki rani likes him… Hehe…
    Loved the update di..thanks!
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