A Life Worth Living: Prologue

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There was a patch of space on the wall. It looked just like the rest of the wall– dull, lifeless and gray. The only thing that set it apart was that it was the first to catch the sun in the morning. The first that told me I had to live yet another day. As it grew brighter it took on the hue of the sky which I’ve got to admit in my hazy imperfect view was gorgeous.

So today’s orange. What’s tomorrow going to be like?

Peach, daddy. Peach! Kash declared with an emphatic nod at which Ruhi and I’d looked at each other and laughed.

Yes my baby. Today is going to be just peachy.

Damn, I need to look outside! I flung the sheets aside and promptly fell out of bed.

“Mr. Ahuja! You should be more careful. How many times should I tell you.” The nurse helped me back up.

“I’m fine!” I protested pushing him away as he started to give me a thorough once over but he overpowered me and I gave in as usual. It had become a routine and I didn’t begrudge him anything. He was just doing his job and I was trying to save what little self esteem I’d left.

PS: Here’s a story idea I’ve been toggling with as I move ahead in my amateur writing hobby. It’s the future tale of our favorite couple Shaan and Ruhi. I want to push the envelope a little bit 🙂 

Read about their past here– Inconvenient Relations and it’s sequel Now and Forever.


8 thoughts on “A Life Worth Living: Prologue

    1. Sudha

      What’s has happened to daddy Shaan?
      I missed him so much…
      I am happy he is back now to tell his tale…
      Super excited to read di…

  1. Priyasree

    First of all, I am very much excited to read a new story from you. Thank you very much for writing and sharing it with us.
    Coming to the update, honestly saying, I couldn’t understand what just happened to Shan. And that’s how an intro or prologue is supposed to be…interesting from the very first update. Is he unwell?? Is he in a hospital??

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