Podcast: A Cup of Chai Short Story 2/2

Podcast: A Cup of Chai Short Story 1/2

Your wait is over!

Presenting Part 2/2 (concluding part) of A Cup of Chai!

This short story was published in my newest book Under the Shade of the Banyan Tree. 

Roma, is a recently married young Indian woman, who arrives in the United States. This story is about some of her experiences. Please do check it out. And check out the book too.

A Cup of Chai- Part 2 of 2 

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One thought on “Podcast: A Cup of Chai Short Story 2/2

  1. Sudha

    I like your narration so much, Simi di. It’s so soothing like a lullaby.
    I have read this story before but it seemed fresh and new when I heard it from your voice. I liked your voice modulation.
    I don’t know why but I could only imagine Shaan and Ruhi here.
    Enjoyed listening to your narration. Thank you.

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