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Podcast: HealthWise and Author Talk with Simi K. Rao Episode #1


Hi friends!

Announcing my podcast- HealthWise and Author Talk with Simi K. Rao. It’s another way I’d like to connect with my readers, have some in depth discussions about my books and medicine and more!

In the first episode I talk about my journey as a writer and a physician and I share my personal experience taking care of patients with COVID 19. Hope you will like it.

The podcast is available on multiple platforms such as Anchor.fm; Spotify;Breaker; RadioPublic and others.

Please listen, follow and subscribe. You can leave your thoughts here or at any of my social media sites.


Please read the associated blog posts mentioned in this podcast: An Unprecedented Time and COVID 19- an overview.

Links to all my social media sites can be found here: simikrao.carrd.co