Heroines in Literature and Real Life

wonder woman

Who is your favorite Heroine? With so many incredible women in literature who are often trailblazers for women in real life, it is hard to choose just one.

Wonder Woman is a name that brings about instant recognition of a strong and strikingly beautiful woman fighting tirelessly for people and causes she believes in. She is devoted to people in need. Perhaps that trait, fierce devotion, is what most captures our admiration for any heroines.

What about favorite heroines of real life? How do they possess the quality of devotion? Mother Terese was fiercely devoted during her life to the sickest, poorest, and shunned of India. Malala is rising today as a heroine who is fiercely devoted to girls and their right to learn. Our own mothers, who show their devotion to their children and husbands every day, are heroines.

Perhaps it is our beloved partner is our dearest hero or heroine. To us, they are Superman or Wonder Woman. They are fiercely devoted to our well-being and will go to extraordinary lengths for our benefit, because they love us.

In turn, how do we show appreciation for this devotion? Hopefully, by being fiercely devoted in return.

Discover Naina in The Accidental Wife. In the beginning she may seem an unlikely heroine, but her devotion will not go unnoticed.

Wonder Woman





 Accidental Wife Book Cover

Excerpt from The Accidental Wife:

They satisfied their hunger at an all-night deli before steering toward the overcrowded Times Square.

“Wait!” Rihaan suddenly exclaimed before running inside a small trinket store.

He emerged a few minutes later with a Wonder Woman pin that he fastened to her coat.

“For me?” she exclaimed, nonplussed.

“Yes for you,” he replied softly. “For being so good to me. I hope I can repay you for it all someday. Until then, keep this as a reminder.”



5 thoughts on “Heroines in Literature and Real Life

  1. aasma

    for me it is mother Teresa, my mom and sisters as they have always been my pillars of strength.

  2. Sarada

    For me it is my mother. She is a soft person by nature.
    Even now she guides me in the correct way without taking sides.
    It has been few years since my dad passed away.
    My mother lives in her house in our native with resilience.
    I hope I can take her inspiration and do certain things in a better way.

    1. Simi K. Rao Post author

      Yes Sarada. All mothers have been endowed with a special gift from God.

  3. A K

    My Role model and Heroine is the Prophet (P.B.U.H)’s wife, Khadijah (R.A) .
    if you search about her, you would realise how strong and amazing she was.
    No matter what happened she always stoop up for the prophet , and believed in him when no one else would.
    No words could ever describe how brave, and extraordinary this women was.

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