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Atmosphere is everything. Be it television, the big screen, especially a book. Without atmosphere a story is bland and lifeless and Yes, forgettable! My favorite tales are those that provide me with a great audiovisual experience, so I can think and feel just like the characters, even be one among them. And if I get to satisfy my wanderlust, I’ve hit the jackpot!

In my stories I try to treat my readers to a similar kind of experience. In my book ‘The Accidental Wife‘ my protagonist Rihaan lives in the heart of NYC and below are some of the places he frequents— 🙂


The Amish Grocery Store where Rihaan bought Naina some carnations

DSC_0014One of the streets that leads to Rihaan’s clinic from his apartment

DSC_0060View of the city that Naina sees from top of The Empire State Building


DSC_0031The Grand Central Terminal-the city’s historical landmark

DSC_0051A very friendly cabbie 🙂

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  1. Sarada

    Thank You Simi for posting these photos of places in New York which depict the areas frequented by Rihaan and Naina

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