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‘Nothing is Impossible’- Excerpt from ‘The Accidental Wife’


NYC Skyscrapers. pic credit- Simi K. Rao

The Accidental Wife

Excerpt- Nothing is Impossible.


How long he walked or how far, he wasn’t aware, just that it was critical for him to keep his body in perpetual motion. When abruptly, amidst an enclosure of several tall shiny buildings, he was forced to come to a standstill. It was as if the looming giants had all ganged up and were hellbent in fencing him in.

Alarmed, he glanced around, searching the faces of his companions, but none appeared to share his uncanny experience. It must be in my head, he thought, closing his eyes and taking in several slow, deep breaths.

Then he looked up warily.

The mammoth structures of concrete and steel, they towered so high it looked as if they were scraping the sky—reflecting man’s eternal quest for the ultimate. And they were all beckoning to him, urging him to join them in their quest. Rihaan responded by drawing his hands out of his pockets, reaching up, craning with every fiber of his being. Yes, if he tried hard enough, he too could touch the sky. Nothing was impossible.


Accidental Wife Book Cover



The Visual Writer– NYC


Atmosphere is everything. Be it television, the big screen, especially a book. Without atmosphere a story is bland and lifeless and Yes, forgettable! My favorite tales are those that provide me with a great audiovisual experience, so I can think and feel just like the characters, even be one among them. And if I get to satisfy my wanderlust, I’ve hit the jackpot!

In my stories I try to treat my readers to a similar kind of experience. In my book ‘The Accidental Wife‘ my protagonist Rihaan lives in the heart of NYC and below are some of the places he frequents— 🙂


The Amish Grocery Store where Rihaan bought Naina some carnations

DSC_0014One of the streets that leads to Rihaan’s clinic from his apartment

DSC_0060View of the city that Naina sees from top of The Empire State Building


DSC_0031The Grand Central Terminal-the city’s historical landmark

DSC_0051A very friendly cabbie 🙂