Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Ch 32: Toxic


chap 31

“Alright! Playtime is over my darlings. Now for the juicy part.” He announced to the two of them. “I want a really hot…and I mean HOT NO HOLDS BARRED dance session.”

“I know for Shan it would be a walk in the park but Khanak…” he placed his hands on her shoulders. “My dear..you are going to have to change your persona entirely.”

She raised her eyebrows while looking doubtfully at Shan.

“I mean..you have slip out of your nice girl next door avatar and become the femme fatale! Imagine yourself as the sexy sassy wild gal who men go crazy for. You tease, you tempt, you dangle the carrot…Your moves are so hot, and desirable that Shan’s passions are ignited and he can’t rest till he has had you, tasted your skin… But you don’t give in…you just lead him on and torture the heck out of him!” Sebastian exclaimed dramatically, he was breathing hard, just getting into his groove.

Khanak flushed pink, “I can’t do that… That’s not me!”

She turned her back to him and walked out of the studio. 

“Khanak wait… you don’t have to do it.” Shan called after her while throwing an angry glare at Sebastian.

“Then I quit! This is not what I came here for!” Sebastian said throwing his hands up in the air.

“You are free to leave!”

“I’ll take care of it. Don’t have a fit over this. Please Sebastian stay!” Diva said tapping Shan’s shoulder and hurried after Khanak.

He found her sitting in front of the mirror, staring at herself.

“Khanak, what is the problem? Why can’t you do it?”

“It’s not me Diva, can’t you see? I guess I am a small town behenji after all!”

“BS girl, you are not! And if anyone says you are, they will have to deal with me. You are just a sweet person with a true heart.” He said, smoothing her hair with his hands. “But it is important that you do what Sebastian says.”


“Because most people, including the bitch Tash have that image of you. They believe that you cannot break that mold—and that is what Tash is banking on. But I know and so does Shan that you can do anything you put your mind to. This is the ideal opportunity for you to make people change their minds and show everybody how versatile you are. That Shan doesn’t need to look beyond you for anything. That he has replaced Tash once and for all and that will make her really really edgy and that is what we want! Besides you are doing it with Shan, the man you are in love with, not a stranger!”

“I never thought about it that way Diva.” 

Diva grinned, “Guess why Shan tolerates me and my nakhras darling? Now let’s get you ready before Sebastian and Shan decide to have a duel!”

The whole thing turned out to be a cake walk.

Khanak actually enjoyed the role play and her partner made it so much fun. The beat and lyrics of the song were perfect for a tease and Shan really made it appear that he was desperate for her even though she treated him badly all the time.

With her hair in saucy pigtails, white hipster cargos, and a black tube top showing a sea toned bare midriff she was the most delectable bait and Shan felt it more than anyone else and made the best of it. 

They danced with abandon…and played their parts to perfection the very first time, leaving no doubts in the minds of all those who watched them that they were indeed truly in love.

Even Sebastian was moved to tears.


They ended with a twilight shoot on the terrace and both Shan and Khanak in evening wear. Shan in a white tux while Khanak was dressed in shimmering figure hugging gold net and lace. The lighting was soft and intimate. Khanak’s makeup was muted, her hair caught up in an elegant chignon with a couple of tendrils that had strayed out and tempted Shan into curling them around his fingers. Smooth jazz playing in the background and flutes of the finest chilled champagne set the perfect ambiance for romance.

A long divan in white wicker and gold cushions was the centerpiece and the couple were invited to lounge on it.

Sebastian just said,“Talk” and Shan did the rest.

He relaxed his back against the arm rest with Khanak stretched out on top of him. The hectic activities of the day had worn her out completely that she had ceased to care about what she did or what people may think. The sensuous music, Shan’s fingers drawing lazy circles on her bare back, her heart beats dancing a tango with his were enough to lull her to sleep.

He dropped his mouth close to her warm cheek and whispered, “You were amazing today Khanak.”

“Thank you. First day on the job.” She whispered back, her eyes still closed, “But the rest of the dancers made it easy for me.”

He laughed softly, “I didn’t mean at the studio. I knew you’d be wonderful in that role. I was talking about the photo shoot, with Sebastian. You were a revelation… I was simply floored!”

She raised her head and looked at him. I wasn’t acting Shan. I was just being me. If you only knew how much I love you.


Shan tugged at the gold thread which held her bun in place and let her hair unravel and fall in waves around her shoulders. 

“Gold is your color. You should wear it at our wedding.”


“I mean it Khanak. We gel so well professionally, then why not on a personal level too? Why can’t we become partners for life?”

He gazed at her as she stared wide eyed at him unsure if this was a dream. Wrapping his arms around her he drew her even closer and reached up to taste those deep red lips which were more tempting than the rarest vintage of champagne.

“Bellissimo! Charming! Incomparable! Makes me want to fall in love!”  Sebastian bellowed clapping loudly, waking Khanak up and breaking the spell.

He had earned himself an enemy for life.

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