Rhythm and Blues Chap 31: Make-believe

Chapter 30

31: Make-believe


Diva stood at the entrance of the studio and watched his two friends like a proud mother watches her high achieving kids and pride swelled his chest.

They were doing what they did best–dancing. And when they danced they were in their element. Two gorgeous individuals in perfect synth—a condition so infectious it spilled over to the rest of the artists and made them give their very best.

The dance was a slow lyrical  number; a song about the triumph of love with plenty of lifts and intimate moves giving Shaan ample opportunity to romance Khanak and he made the best of it repeating certain steps over and over in the pretense of correcting other dancers’ mistakes, in the process making Khanak go red with embarrassment.

“I think everybody’s got it Shaan. We should let them work on their own now.” Khanak said breaking away when she found him on the verge of kissing her which was certainly not part of the routine. He let go of her reluctantly and though he tried hard, couldn’t cover his frustration.

That is exactly what happens when you bottle up your feelings, bachaa! Diva thought with a smirk. He sashayed up to the pair, “C’mon little ones….lets go home.”

“Home? Whatever for?” Shan had to work hard to control his scowl. He was in no mood to listen to anybody at the moment, particularly Diva with his far fetched ideas.

His friend’s false eyelashes went aflutter as he pouted, “For a photo shoot. An intimate portrait of two lovers which I feel should be documented for posterity… to inspire future generations.” He sighed. “Just like Shakespeare did with Romeo and Juliet even though they were fictional characters. But both of you are very much for real and the world needs to know don’t you think?” His sly wink enveloped both of them.

Shan glanced at Khanak who nervously met his eye. Diva had surpassed himself. “Uhhh… can we set it up for some other time Diva? I’m not feeling very good today;” she said.

“No my darling,” Diva wagged his finger sternly from side to side, “You snooze and you lose! Sebastian — my ex; ever so hot and busy… we weren’t even on speaking terms. Still I persuaded him to do the shoot just for your sake.”

Shan’s lips creased into a grin. Then Diva must have really worked hard. Sebastian was the best in the business. He turned to Khanak, “Diva is right. This is probably one of the best ways to get the word around that we are a couple. We should get going. Sebastian is very touchy when it comes to time.”

Diva nodded, “That’s right. But there is one more thing.”

“What is it?”

“Sebastian demands complete creative freedom or the deal is of. I told him my babies will be his passive bakras.”

“Really Diva! When did you start speaking for me?” Shan’s good humor vanished

“Hush my boy! Don’t get so excited…it upsets my poor heart.” Diva said placing a dainty hand on his chest. “Just swallow your pride and indulge him and let me tell you this, you will not be disappointed.”

When the trio arrived at the penthouse, Sebastian was already there along with his team waiting impatiently for them.

Khanak would never have known who he was if he hadn’t come forward to introduce himself, being the exact antithesis of Diva. From no angle whatsoever did he appear gay.

“I’m bisexual.” He said reading her mind. Khanak colored, embarrassed for being so transparent.

Appearing not to care, he swept ahead of her into the apartment and with a practiced eye made a rapid five second survey. Then adopting a stance which no one would dare defy, he announced, “Theme—Casual chic! A day in the life of a hip artsy couple. Even now I can see the magazine flying off the stands. It has the potential of becoming our best seller! Thank you Diva hon!”

Diva blushed with pleasure.

As the unit started to get everything set up, Sebastian came up to Khanak and examined her face under Shan’s watchful eye.

“Enchante! Such a striking profile. My camera loves you already! I’d like to shoot your wedding too…” He turned to Shan, “Don’t you dare forget to invite me!”

Shan grinned, folding Khanak tight in his arms, “Of course we will! Won’t we darling?”

All she could muster was a slight nod of acquiescence as her heart thudded up a happy storm inside her chest.


They were supposed to be a couple madly in love with each other and Sebastian wanted to capture their daily routine.

Picture this.

Shan and Khanak in the bathroom, all white and virginal.. an innocent sensuality. Brushing their teeth, playing with the water, in the tub like little children. In the tub!

Then in fluffy robes, all white again, she shaving his face the old fashioned way; he trying to braid her hair…she screaming in pain.

“Don’t get carried away Shan, Take it easy!” Diva shouted anxiously while Shan made a mess of Khanak’s hair. They both laughed him away.

Next in the kitchen, in bright sunny pjs, preparing breakfast…he putting together his healthy smoothie while she whipped up a wicked creme brulee french toast and force fed him.

Work out time: Khanak instead of Horse on Shan’s back, listening to music, while he did his push ups—very cozy, hot and sexy.

A few shots with Horse— gamboling around, wrestling on the floor. Then running on the beach with Khanak riding piggyback on Shan. One small happy family.

Then came time for work…serious work. They were professionals who loved their job as much as they loved each other.

Khanak doing her daily practice, her Riyaaz; immersed in her Bharatanatyam routine in the studio while Shan watched surreptitiously through the one way mirrors and mooned away.

Sebastian didn’t have to coach him on his expression. He got the exact look he wanted.

“How did you guess what I need?” He inquired when he saw Shan continue staring at Khanak even after the cameras stopped clicking.

“Wha..at? What did you say Sebastian?”

Diva winked at his ex and whispered in his ear, “Are you blind? Can’t you see that Shan is mad about her? This session is just an excuse.”

“Oh I see it now very clearly.” Sebastian nodded and decided to rev things up even more.



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