Monsoon (Baarish)

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Poinsettias in rain by Simi K. Rao

Drenched in refreshing moisture, earth bursts into colorful melody-

                                                                                                Simi K. Rao

Monsoon in India is a special time. The overcast black skies, the drumroll of thunder, invoke the thrill of anticipation in the thirsty heart. This is then fulfilled by the downpour. And what a downpour it is!

Extending from June- September, the monsoon brings welcome relief from the stifling heat of the summer. The happiness is visible not just on the faces of the citizens but also on the parched earth– the fragrance of the soil, the blossoming of the vegetation, the songs of the cuckoo, the dance of the peacock.

It evokes romance– that poets, writers, moviemakers take complete advantage of. Sections of my novella-Milan (A Wedding Story) were inspired by the beautiful scene above.

No movie or tele serial is without a scene or scenes which show the leading lady in a revealing sari clinging to her drenched body. A must is eat piping hot pakoras (deep fried vegetable fritters) along with a cup of masala chai.


Monsoon by Monishikha Roy Choudhury

But there are the inevitable downsides. The umbrellas are a flimsy defence. In an instant the drains are overwhelmed and the streets flooded, the pants are rolled up and the demure women hitch up their saris up to expose their calves. Accidents, news of people drowning in open manholes. The spread of water borne diseases– etc.. etc.. 

Still, Indians take it in their stride. It is the way of life. 



2 thoughts on “Monsoon (Baarish)

  1. Sudha

    Nice one, di.
    Getting drenched in rain is a joy but once the rain stops, the joy stops too… God, the wet clothes, the shivers, the showers we have to take afterward… I don’t enjoy that… But I definitely enjoy eating hot pakoras or bajjis.

    1. Simi K. Rao Post author

      Thanks Sudha. Agree with everything you said.
      I remember suffering particularly navigating the roads in knee deep water. And the resurgence of heat after the rains.
      It is very nostalgic for us far away from the homeland — we think of only the beautiful aspects 🙂

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