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Any takers For Inconvenient Relations Book 2?

Inconvenient relations C

Ok I agree. The book was awfully written and I truly apologize to all those who want to tell me so. Yes I get your message loud and clear. If you are wondering what I am talking about please check this link. I should not have published it.  I wish I could undo the wrong but I can’t. So I guess I have to live with it 🙁

Now a critical question (critical for me). What happens to the sequel? What happens to the rest of Shaan and Ruhi’s tale? Is there anyone who cares to know? Anyone out there who wishes to read it? What should I do now that I have completed the manuscript? Should I scrap it? Consign it to flames (metamorphically speaking)? Please tell me because I want to know.

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Teaser 3

4: Arguments


“Oh now I understand why… That little stunt you pulled at Sunshine’s…” Ruhi said.


“Yes stunt or dare, whatever you wish to call it. It was a very slick way of showcasing your machismo, your virility, the extent of your dominance over your wife. That you don’t need to woo her with gifts or flowers. All you need to do is touch her and she will submit willingly to any degree of humiliation. You kissed me just so you could impress Sunshine!” Ruhi said nearly spluttering with anger.

Jesus! How blind can this silly girl get? Shan thought and took a step forward; “No that wasn’t my intention at all. I kissed you because I wanted to. Sunshine had nothing to do with it.”

“Oh really?” She leaned closer, “Is that so?” She glanced around. They had begun to attract quite a few curious stares from the passers-by. Her attention turned back to him. She said, Then I dare you. Do it right here, in public. Show me, convince me that it wasn’t just a cheap gimmick.”

She smirked when she saw his jaw tighten, “Why…what are you afraid of Shan? It’s a free country isn’t it….like you once said. And I’m your wife or you could even imagine me to be your girlfriend…or a…”

“Shut up Ruhi and let me do it properly, will you?”

And shut up she did…and moaned softly, clinging to him as he kissed her…deep, unbridled, hot, delicious...thrilling as his scraggly jaw pricked her delicate complexion, trembling with desire as his rugged frame crushed hers…closing her eyes as the world began to spin dangerously.

Her eyes were still shut and she was smiling, breathing hard when after several moments he withdrew, albeit reluctantly. He had to hold her up for she was dead weight in his arms. He winked at a couple of gaping onlookers, then whispered into her ear,

“You are the only girl in my life whom I’ve ever wished to impress…and for that I’m willing to do anything…even jump off the tallest cliff. You just have to ask me.”

Finally she opened her eyes and stared at him in awe.

“Now if my quixotic wife’s demands have been met ever so slightly, can we finish the rest of our argument at home or…,” he growled into her ear, “if you are game we could even start a scandal right here. I’m sure these folks won’t mind.”

“Nooooo!” She gasped flushing beet red and shoved him away. “Let’s go home!”


Like it? Want more? Your wait will end soon!

Meanwhile to get familiar with our favorite couple Ruhi and Shan read Inconvenient Relations Book1. Get it here!

‘Now And Forever’ Book 2 of the Arranged Match series free preview on Wattpad

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Hi Friends!
I know many of you have read  ‘An Incurable Insanity’ aka ‘Inconvenient Relations’ and have loved it!
As a gift to my loyal readers I’ve decided to continue the story of Shaan and Ruhi– the two endearing hardheaded fools in love on Wattpad.
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 This is a work in progress– a crazy, sexy romance with dollops of suspense and intrigue. I’m sure you’ll love it!
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Simi K Rao

Shakti- the Divine woman & another ‘Inconvenient Relations’ excerpt :)




From time immemorial

This has been a woman’s lot

That a man is more equal than she

History has not forgot


She toiled with him everyday

Made sure he was fed

Going sometimes without

Would anyone care if she were dead


She bore him sons

Despite incredible pain

Her daughters he rejected

‘Coz they brought him shame


He covered her up from head to toe

Treating her like some possession

Shackled her up in his house

Scourged her for his own indiscretions


Would you find people more hypocrite

In any other part of the world

Who deify innumerable goddesses

Yet smother the baby girl?

Inconvenient relations C




“Can I speak to Shaan?” The voice was female.

 Taking a deep breath, Ruhi answered, “He is still sleeping. May I know who is calling?”

 “Tell him it’s Des. I need to talk to him. He hasn’t been answering my calls!”She had a young but high-pitched voice, a woman who was used to getting her way and who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

 Ruhi bristled with anger. “You can call back in half an hour. He should be up by then.”She hung up.

Soon she could hear him in his room talking and arguing on the phone. She ran into the master and locked the door to shut out the sound.

 Almost a month had passed since they had been together, and she still felt clueless about him. He was like a giant jigsaw puzzle with the key pieces missing. He seemed good at times, caring,

kind. Perhaps it was just his nature, and he really didn’t consider her special. What was certain was that he continued to see this other woman, and Ruhi’s presence hadn’t altered it. Her rival appeared larger than life, and she had lost the fight even before it had begun.

 “Aren’t you going to eat?”

 “I’m not hungry.”

 “Well, that’s something I cannot say to tell you the truth. You have influenced my taste completely.” He smiled.

 “Have I?”

 “Well, here’s my clean plate as evidence.”

 “I’m not talking about food.”

 “Then what are you talking about?” His guard was up.

 “I have been here for quite some time now, and I still feel that you are a complete stranger to me. I was thinking…”

 “What do you want to know?”

“What is she like? Who is she? What kind of relationship do you share? Tell me. I think that I have a right to know.”

 “That’s none of your business. I don’t want to talk about it. Another four weeks and you will be back home. Let’s just leave it at that,” he said, abruptly brushing her off.

 None of my business. She left the table before she threw her fork at him.

None of your business…

The words echoed over and over in her brain like a never ending sermon.

 She sat on the bed with her knees drawn up; her tears had run dry. No words could be more hurtful or decisive. He had been done with her from the very beginning, and she like a fool had believed that she could win him over by playing the ideal Indian wife. He’d probably been laughing at her all along. I can’t stay any longer, I have to leave now! Papa will get me the tickets. Reaching for the phone, she hesitated. Her parents had no idea about what was going on. She had made a conscious decision to not tell them anything. They would be shocked, heartbroken. She had to break it to them gently, but for that, she would need to stay.

 But how? Not like this!

 Pulling off her maroon sari, she stuffed it in the bottom of her still mostly unpacked suitcase. She hated it. Then walking into the bath, she assessed herself in the mirror. If marriage held no meaning for him, why should it for me? If everything was going to come to an end in another month, why not now? Why continue with this charade?

 Unclasping the sacred marriage necklace from around her neck, she laid it down carefully on the counter. Then, wiping off the vermilion dot from her forehead, she examined her face again.

 She smiled. Finally, she knew who she was. She was Ruhi Sharma, and there was no looking back.


Do you sense a change of pace here?

The heroine of my book cannot take it anymore. Ruhi’s done trying and has decided to move on. She chooses to lead life on her own terms.

Don’t be deceived by her sweet disposition, or her slender figure for she is ‘Shakti’–a divine cosmic force that can not only create but also destroy. At the base of her spine resides ‘Kundalini’ energy–a powerful goddess waiting to be awakened.

She is bold and liberated. She speaks her mind. She is tough and vibrant. She knows what she wants and doesn’t compromise on her values.

Yes, at times she is also a tease, impulsive, confused, brash, reactive, headstrong, vulnerable, fragile, infuriating and… a spoiled brat, but she is who she is– her own unique self. 😉




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