Any takers For Inconvenient Relations Book 2?

Inconvenient relations C

Ok I agree. The book was awfully written and I truly apologize to all those who want to tell me so. Yes I get your message loud and clear. If you are wondering what I am talking about please check this link. I should not have published it.  I wish I could undo the wrong but I can’t. So I guess I have to live with it 🙁

Now a critical question (critical for me). What happens to the sequel? What happens to the rest of Shaan and Ruhi’s tale? Is there anyone who cares to know? Anyone out there who wishes to read it? What should I do now that I have completed the manuscript? Should I scrap it? Consign it to flames (metamorphically speaking)? Please tell me because I want to know.

8 thoughts on “Any takers For Inconvenient Relations Book 2?

  1. Maham Farooq

    Simi I love ALL your stories and you know that! I definitely would love to read the rest of IR2. Shaan and Ruhi have become my addiction in a way and I really want to know what happens in the lives of this crazily madly in love couple.

  2. Sarada

    I read all stories written by you and I like them very much. Inconvenient Relations: Book 1 was Amazing.
    Ruhi and Shaan are extremely enthusiastic couple. I would love to read what happened further in Shaan and Ruhi’s lives.
    Did Shaan face problems in his career and also did he face problems from Des ? Did Ruhi join a job ? I would like to know how this
    extremely enthusiastic couple learn to manage their life.

  3. DAISY

    First of all those who write bad comments on books like u hv wrote are bashers they r juz doing timepass to hurt ppl to hurt the writer
    you know famous celebs r lo ed by & bashed by some & those who bash hiding their identity r not fans of anyone they love to bash only they make a target to one celeb and bash thm
    Its same with u consider u r like celebrity and some ppl love ur writings & some ppl dont so what
    You juz stop writing juz bcoz of some bad comments arre some ppl loved it too na
    Now here u hv completed the manuscript for book 2 itni mehnat se what u ll do throw it great how smart of u
    I wud say dnt it to heart read all reviews learn and try to improvize next time from bad reviews but i dont understand why wud u stop writing all together i wud say it is stupidity
    U love writing amd write frm heart then heart ki baton ko hate karega juz learn from them dont stop writing

  4. Rafia

    You need to publish the 2nd part. Please don’t deny others for the sake of a few idiots! Your writing is really good and descriptive as well as educating.


  5. Priyasree

    Count me in. I have read Inconvenient Relations book 1 and loved it a lot. And I want to read the book 2. I want to know what happens in the life of this ‘crazy in love’ couple.
    I would request you to publish the book for those who want to read and for yourself 🙂

  6. Deepi

    I love all your books.
    Especially ‘Inconvenient relations’ is very close to my heart.
    Please publish Book 2 for your loyal readers like me.

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