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Words Are Bland.


Words are bland

Unless spiced with emotion

Prayer is without expression

Unless said with devotion


Love is an empty pot

Unless filled with trust

Earth is a barren spot

Without loads of dust


History is a blank slate

Without old tales to tell

Heavens wouldn’t be in demand

Without the ill repute of hell


Life would lack soul

Without the good and the bad

Friends make my life whole

For that I’m really glad

4 am musings…

Bear lake RMNP

Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado USA.


4 am Musings

Loneliness is when you long for company..

Solitude… Hey I’m Cool! ^5


Self Discovery is a journey I embark on whenever a ‘friend’ leaves me.

Guess I’m done discovering myself! Damn it! >:/


I wonder for the nth time: Who am I?
I wonder for the nth time: Who am I?
Hey someone fix that broken record!! <:-|


I think I should thank all those who help feed my ego. I don’t have to track my ‘VIEWS’ anymore! 🙂


It’s another *****new DAY!!! :@