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Eternal Quest



And then I want to walk down this path

That goes on and on

From my town to the next

Across cities and states

And countries

Oceans and seas


I want to see faces different from mine

Speak languages I haven’t heard

I want to feel

I want to know

The Surface

Gem Lake

 The Surface


We operate

You and I

We nod, we converse, we agree

We go about our business

On the surface


The chinks

They show on occasion

But we conceal them

Expertly shroud them

On the surface


And those who dare

Peep beneath

They rear aghast

At the rife ugliness they see

A cauldron of noxious brews


Of voices falling on deaf ears

Of conflicting emotions

Of affections forgotten

Of relations trivialized

Of promises broken


Yet it all appears just fine

On the surface


A Little Bit of Sunshine

RMNPA perfect day in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO



After a long work night

Battling my instincts

To fall asleep at the wheel

Or run through the red light


No I can’t hit the bed yet

It’s friday still


School drop

And chores, endless chores

Milk’s run out

And yes apples,

Can’t do without those damn apples.


I prowl around

In a half daze

Dumping stuff

In my recyclable cloth bag

Green is my middle name


 Then disaster strikes

At the checkout counter

With all my effects on the floor

On display for the world

To see and ridicule


And just when I was  ready

To pitch and scram

Before the tears sprout

Like from a ruptured dam

I felt a gentle tap on my arm


It was the grocery clerk


Always in attendance

With a warm smile on her face

I sighed with relief

Everything will be fine

Because of little Ms. Sunshine

4 am musings…

Bear lake RMNP

Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado USA.


4 am Musings

Loneliness is when you long for company..

Solitude… Hey I’m Cool! ^5


Self Discovery is a journey I embark on whenever a ‘friend’ leaves me.

Guess I’m done discovering myself! Damn it! >:/


I wonder for the nth time: Who am I?
I wonder for the nth time: Who am I?
Hey someone fix that broken record!! <:-|


I think I should thank all those who help feed my ego. I don’t have to track my ‘VIEWS’ anymore! 🙂


It’s another *****new DAY!!! :@