The Surface

Gem Lake

 The Surface


We operate

You and I

We nod, we converse, we agree

We go about our business

On the surface


The chinks

They show on occasion

But we conceal them

Expertly shroud them

On the surface


And those who dare

Peep beneath

They rear aghast

At the rife ugliness they see

A cauldron of noxious brews


Of voices falling on deaf ears

Of conflicting emotions

Of affections forgotten

Of relations trivialized

Of promises broken


Yet it all appears just fine

On the surface


9 thoughts on “The Surface

  1. aasma Ulhaq

    sorry havent been active but i promise give me a hitbof time until mid june and after that i promise i will always comment looool

    Babe cant really comment through my phone but loved all ur updates, ur dong such a good seeing this side of ur writing… Wen u going to continue shanak storys loool Xxxxx


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