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Weekend Getaway: The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon. Who hasn’t heard of it? Everyone has. But you need to go there for yourself to realize it’s awesomeness! Grand doesn’t come close to describing it. I’ve been there a few times–still I catch my breath each time I lay eyes on it. Over two billion years of earth layers were cut by the mighty Colorado river and it’s tributaries.

My last trip there a few years ago was my most memorable one. It was part of a school trip– with my daughter and some of her classmates. We stayed in the Grand Canyon village at the South rim for two days and even hiked down the South Kaibab trail— only part of the way (it’s extremely steep and strenous). We also saw a mule train, the once almost extinct California Condor which the largest flying bird in North America with a wingspan reaching 10 ft—brought back by a dedicated captive breeding program.

As I have mentioned before I am inspired by my travels and the places I visit. I try to bring them into my writings whenever I can. You will find some of my experiences of the Grand Canyon in my books– Inconvenient Relations and its sequel- Now and Forever. You can check them out here.

California Condor- Once extinct, No more!

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Spreading its wings to a mind-boggling 9.8 feet, the California Condor has one of the largest wingspans–and lifespans in the world

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The Majestic California Condor as seen soaring over the Grand Canyon

​​The California Condor, the largest bird in North America, is a critically endangered species. Listed as extinct in 1987, this bird made its resurgence with the help of a special breeding program. This has resulted in increasing their number to approximately 400. About 70 of these can be found soaring over the Grand Canyon at various times, usually near the South Rim. I was lucky enough to capture some views of these majestic creatures.